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After Sales Services

Which construction company offers services in all around the industry?

Starting from the planning and to the final finishes. We will be there right for you.

Luxury houses, Villas, Mansions, Florida

Luxury Homes

Lux will be a statute for your future house. A luxury property is 10 to 100 times more valued and more attracted. Why not add a little investment now to save and make a huge return later.

Custom Designs

Unique elements are pretty rare in the property market. Those are prone to be possible future landmarks. There is no price tag for a unique idea. Make your future home truly yours and stand out from others.

Model Houses Florida

Model Homes

For the tight budgets, there is no need to rediscover the beauty. We have tens of different model house propositions for you. Reserve your appointment to visit some of them in ready conditions.

Pool construction FLorida

Pools & Patios

A pool and a nice garden can double the value of your house. Offering pool & garden design and construction services, we have great ideas to help plan and develop your existing house.

Home Financing Florida


We would love to be your true partner in every phase of constructing your future property. We are professionals in existing financing options, let us decide together which will be best for your interest.

Home Investment in Florida


Properties can yield a fortune for you. Giving housing solutions to those in the market and bringing you continuous treasures. Decide wisely to get your investment attracted well.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a luxury house cost?

The true answer is really it depends :

  1. The location,
  2. The land area,
  3. History / Cultural elements,
  4. Styles,
  5. Materials,
  6. Planning

and more other variable assets which add and define value of a luxury house.

One thing for sure, Buying a luxury house will be a lot more expensive than working with us and building a new one.

Do I need permission to start a new building project?

Yes, a couple of legal works has to be done before starting a new building project. Such :

  1. City Permitting,
  2. Environment Protocol,
  3. Financing Acceptance,

and some others. Do not worry, We will be helping you throughout all the processes and will together get you required permissions.

Why should I invest in a luxury house?

You can invest in many different equities, investment in housing is a bit different in sense of consistent incremental value and possible regular yielding. Let say, you invested in gold, you can keep it in your bank and get a little interest rate depending on the offering. The value of your gold asset will not change unless there will be a huge demand in gold, which does not propose an immediate need at any time. In contrast, Investment in a building like building a luxury house can possibly double its value in a very short term as housing is one of the basic human needs and even if you decide to keep it, you can always give it for rent to receive much higher returns. It is true, in some cases your house pays for its construction cost in a relatively short time.

How do you practice Eco-Friendly Construction?

We make sure our construction process is resource efficient and does not harm environment. We make a conscious decision to use local and renewable materials as much as possible.

In sum in Rosso Homes, we care :

  1. Efficiency in resource use
  2. Provision for resource recycling
  3. Minimizing waste output
  4. Considering health, well-being, and productivity
  5. Aesthetically adaptive design that is attractive and adds value to the surrounding neighborhood
  6. Putting sustainable materials and techniques in service throughout the building’s lifetime.
Where do Rosso Homes operate?

Rosso Homes is based in Miami City, Florida. We operate in and around

  1. Cape Coral, 
  2. Naples, 
  3. Fort Myers, 
  4. Sarasota,  
  5. Punta Gorda, 
  6. Estero, 
  7. Bonita Spring,   
  8. Pine Island

Do not hesitate to contact us for any other specific locations.

How long will my construction take place?

There are a couple of process steps in a construction project. Each may have to follow one another or in some cases can possibly run simultaneously. Each process has its own time frame and it also depends on a few variables like: weather conditions and number of customized work loads. Main phases can be described as:

  1. Designing / Planning
  2. Documentation, Legal processes
  3. Training, Initiation
  4. Construction
  5. Cleaning
  6. Furnitures
  7. Keys

Our estimated time frames are from 6 months to 1 Year.

Build a Future | Make your home a reason for your happiness

We build a better life and a beautiful future

Every House carries a history to the coming generations and your house's story will be written beautifully right by the start. With it will be an ultimate asset and a dwelling both for you and the generations next.