Building Custom Luxury Homes

Architecture is a test of human kind & our homes are timeless assets.

Make your home to confirm your taste and style that carry your values and become a treasure for generations.

Rosso Homes are one of the best ways to value your savings. To discuss about :

What will your future home/s be like?

Lux at your reach!

We offer luxury homes, and the best part is, they are not asking for an arm and a leg any more! Lux is our standard for every one!

Lux will be a statute for your future house.

A luxury property is 10 to 100 times more valued and more attracted.

Why not add a little investment now to save and make a huge return later.

What will your future home/s be like?

Unlimited Customization

Make your future home truly yours and stand out from others.

Unique elements are pretty rare in the property market.

Those will likely to be the future landmarks of a neighborhood.

There is no price tag for a unique idea but you can always be sure that we will bring your dream at your reach.

What will your future home/s be like?

Not sure where to start?

Rosso Model Home designs are here to help you with your choices...

For the tight budgets, there is no need to rediscover the beauty. We have tens of different model house propositions for you. Reserve your appointment to visit some of them in ready conditions.

Consider investing in a high yielding market.

What makes a home a valuable investment ?

Rosso Homes offers more & better. Consult with us before deciding your investment. Free consulting available.

  • Prime Locations
  • Premium Materials
  • High Resale Values
  • Spacious Interiors & Exceptional Heights
  • Freedom of Personalization & Customization
  • Better Security
  • More Space
  • Luxury Amenities : Pools, Jacuzzis, Theatres, Themed Gardens, etc.

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Pools & Patios

A pool and a nice garden can double the value of your house. Offering pool & garden design and construction services, we have great ideas to help plan and develop your existing house.


We would love to be your true partner in every phase of constructing your future property. We are professionals in existing financing options, let us decide together which will be best for your interest.


Properties can yield a fortune for you. Giving housing solutions to those in the market and bringing you continuous treasures. Decide wisely to get your investment attracted well.

Featured Projects

Quality is hidden in details : materials, placements, plans, architectural decisions, aesthetic touches...

& Quality comes with people who love their creations !

A model luxury house in Cape Coral

We build high value luxury resorts, villas, mansions in Capa Coral. Our services include investment and finance

A luxury Bathroom installation

Beauty is both outside and inside. Luxury houses demand high quality construction materials that matches with your architectural styles.

An Interior Pool with Open Sky

Interior pools provide much less and easier maintenance cost and they are free from weather conditions. Not to mention about the superior privacy.

What makes a house

A luxury home ?

Quality of Construction Materials Matters

Teak and Rose hardwoods are from Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia. Used in beautiful Temples constructions to stand the test of the time for thousands of years still present.

Marble stones are from Turkey and Greece. Used in great wonders of ancient ages, still standing with their beauties and their legacies in all our stories.

Granite stones are from Italy and from our home US. Used in historical constructions and monuments of Roman and Byzantium Empires, shapes the modern world we know now.

High-tech appliances to ease life all around the house. Most quality appliances are from Germany, Japan, France and South Korea.

Minimum environmental impact

& Eco friendliness

No surprise that the construction contributes to global warming. We make sure our activities stay at bare minimum in carbon footprint. We are Eco and Bio Conscious in all our construction activities.

Our Team

Our Teamwork makes great dreams come true.

You will need well trained equipes in their special areas for each design and construction phases.

You are at the right place to plan your vision, and steer the full construction process that includes designing, permits, inspections ... and more phases in this incredible process.

Follow us in action!

Rosso Homes offers professional guidance and the best services for your journey on your desired custom home. We have great solutions to challenges awaiting you in the process. Whether you are building a new custom luxury home, restoring, renovating, or remodeling, you will find the best construction services with Rosso Homes difference.

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